Undisputed Boxing Club Outreach


Boxing For All

At our gym everyone is welcome no matter your ethnicity, age, gender, religion, economic status, background, or hardships you may have experienced in life. We want everyone to feel at home, safe, secure, as well as motivated and confident. Our desire is simple: to create an atmosphere that encourages Boxing for All.

Our Mission

We offer high-end boxing instruction as a vehicle for our community to improve and transform their lives. we emphasize a holistic approach that centers the body, mind, and soul while working to improve the overall health and wellness of all who come in our doors.

Our Vision

Our vision is to build a stable of champions at levels of boxing and to provide the community an outlet to self-actualize and become their best selves. We also seek to use boxing in order to break down barriers of all sorts, both in the ring and outside of it.



We provide boxing instruction for seniors at our gym and also travel to senior homes or wherever necessary. Seniors can come to us, or we can go to them.


Our goal is to provide high-end boxing instruction and outreach in order to help youth find their passion, purpose, and mission in their own lives while also developing discipline. We aim to help inner-city youth navigate violence, hardship, and at times bullying that they may experience.


A program centered on providing self-defense skills.
We also have classes dedicated to self-defense for
women and girls.


The BoxingFit program is designed for those who wish to get in better shape while learning boxing techniques, but do not necessarily wish to compete.

Undisputed Champions

The Undisputed Champions program is for all of those who wish to compete and become champions.